… to Velebit ... powerful and whimsical, and above all beautiful....

The beauty of nature, cultural and historical heritage, old customs, local dishes and traditional homes call you to visit our family run agritourism Vrata Velebita (Gates of Velebit) - the starting point of Velebit's most beautiful mountain destinations.

Relax in the architectural ambience of the property embraced by the pristine nature, at 300 m above sea level and only 3 kilometers away from the beach - – visit our ethno house with an exhibition of beekeeping, savour the delicacies of the local cuisine in our tavern-tasting room, barbecue with your friends and family, visit the nearby Velebit mirila and try your skills of hiking.

To make your longer stay more comfortable, choose from our campsite or a traditional holiday home accommodation.

We organize group dinners and tastings, bee-keeping presentations, and the youngest are offered a " School in nature" programme.



School in nature

Škola u prirodi

Bring children closer to the world of bees and forgotten customs!

mirila (stone memorials) - traditional household objects - beehive - a glass hive – children extracting honey - children's photos with beekeeping hats – creative workshop - tasting / or lunch





Cvijet sa Velebita


Golden Charter "Sunflower of Rural Tourism" 2010.

Zlatna povelja