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Ethno House "Podgorka"

The stone house holds an exhibition of traditional utilitarian tools of Velebit region and a permanent exhibition on the development of beekeeping.

In front of the house is an ethno beehive with 20 hives of bees that gather nectar made of Velebit herbs and give the most perfect product of nature - honey!

The old stone house was adapted into a showroom where you can find antique objects and tools once used by the Velebit residents. Your host Šime will tell you the story of a very hard life on the Velebit. Exhibition panels that chronicle the development of beekeeping were placed in 2010 and they show the emergence of honey bee colonies in chronological order. The ethno-house contains the first examples of hives on the Velebit mountain and visitors can learn ancient methods of producing honey from the host.

The exhibition of text posters, articles in beekeeping and other utilitarian objects make an interesting basis for organizing a school program. With this in mind, a glass hive was installed where students and other visitors can see the life of bees in their home.

Ethno house is also used for organizing workshops for up to 20 people.




Etno kuća Podgorka Etno kuća Podgorka

Etno kuća Podgorka Etno kuća Podgorka

Etno kuća Podgorka Etno kuća Podgorka