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The Paklenica Riviera

rivijera PakleniceThe Paklenica Riviera will impress you with its unique meeting point of the sea and mountains. The Riviera runs along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, beneath the massive Velebit mountain range and the most beautiful part, Paklenica National Park, is found right here. he crystal clear water, natural small stone beaches, mountain peaks, magnificent canyons, river rapids, maintained trails dating back to ancient times, adventurous excursions and autochthonic flavours will keep you coming back to the Paklenica Riviera.

The Paklenica Riviera is open from early spring to late fall and offers: sun and sea, mountain climbing, alpinism, rafting, canoeing, bird watching, wellness, off-roading, education on natural and cultural heritage, an abundance of entertainment and sport and recreation ...

...the Paklenica Riviera preserves all this and so much more, only for you!

lokacija PakleniceThe Paklenica Riviera is situated in the far north-western part of the Zadar region, and in terms of geography, is a part of northern Dalmatia. It stretches along some 20 kilometres of the Adriatic seaboard, under the peaks of Mt. Velebit, Croatia's tallest mountain. Along with Starigrad-Paklenica, the core of the Riviera, the Riviera includes the settlements of Seline, Tribanj-Kruščica, Tribanj-Šibuljina and Tribanj Mandalina. It is located in its entirety in protected natural surroundings.

Both Mt. Velebit and the adjoining coastline, is protected with the status of a nature park. The Velika Paklenica (Grand Paklenica) and Mala Paklenica (Small Paklenica) canyons and the surrounding forests enjoy an even greater level of protection. In 1949, these areas were proclaimed a national park, making Paklenica the second oldest of Croatia's national parks (second only to Plitvice Lakes National Park).

Favourable climatic conditions in this area are characterised by the melding of a mild Mediterranean and a harsh alpine climate. In addition to a great number of sunny days in the year, the air is particularly suitable for persons with ailments of the respiratory system and the heart.
The City of Zadar – the centre of the region – is only 40 km away. Since the construction of the new highway, the Paklenica Riviera is only a 2 hour drive from other major Croatian cities – Zagreb, Split and Rijeka. 5 of the total of 8 Croatian national parks (Paklenica, Kornati, Krka, Plitvice Lakes, Northern Velebit) and 3 nature parks (Velebit, Telaščica, Lake Vransko) are located in the direct vicinity.

In addition to road links, the Paklenica Riviera is linked to the rest of the world by air, rail and seaways.

Vinnetou u PakleniciThe area of Paklenica National Park, together with the surrounding localities (Mt. Velebit, Zrmanja River, Krka National Park, Plitvice Lakes National Park and other) is the landscape of the legendary Winnetou films...

The films about the Indian chief Winnetou, based on the novels by German writer Karl May, were filmed in Croatia in the 1970s. Today, it is possible to visit the filming sites in the Mt. Velebit area (Tulove grede), the canyon of the Zrmanja River, the Paklenica, Krka and Plitvice Lakes National Parks and others where the landscape is exactly the same as when Winnetou rode through here. A photo jeep safari excursion is available from Starigrad to take you on a tour of the Winnetou sights.

Starigrad Paklenica

Starigrad-Paklenica emerged from the foundations of the ancient town Argyruntum and is now the centre of the Paklenica Riviera.
It will offer you its coastline and lead you into the impressive Velika Paklenica canyon, which reveals its beauty to visitors only several minutes away from the centre of town.


This docile town is placed on the fertile plains under Velebit, right next to Starigrad – Paklenica, located near the Mali Paklenica canyon which emits the primordial wildness of the mountains.
The town has a beautiful and long pebble beach.


Tribanj-Kruščica, Šibuljina and Sv. Marija Magdalena are interesting small towns only kilometres from Starigrad-Paklenica.
Located in romantic bays, they guarantee an ideal natural vacation, as well as the opportunity to experience the old way of life in the Velebit foothills.
Ljubotić – a village which has retained its ancient ambient and serves as a starting point for climbers towards the heights of Velebit, seems to have avoided the ravages of time.



Rivijera Paklenica Rivijera Paklenica

Rivijera Paklenica Rivijera Paklenica

Rivijera Paklenica Rivijera Paklenica

Rivijera Paklenica Rivijera Paklenica

Rivijera Paklenica  

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